Ethics in Action

How do we seek to live more ethical lives?


As ethical humanists, we all strive to make both ourselves and the world better. At the Ethical Society of Austin (ESOA) we acknowledge that progress towards these goals may sometimes be incremental, but should always be ethical. We pledge ourselves to act so as to elicit the best in others and, thereby, ourselves.

A primary means to address these issues is Ethical Action. ESOA acts in at least the following ways:


Through weekly and yearly financial and in kind donations, ESOA supports local, national, and international organizations.


ESOA members give their time, effort, and skills in service to various communities and organizations in Central Texas.


A founding principle of Ethical Culture is that we are called to act.  Sometimes that action calls others to action.  We advocate for changes in our society and in public policy in order to make the world better for all of us.


ESOA members seek to address the important ethical and social issues that we face as citizens of the planet. Doing so includes not only development of one’s thoughts and attitudes in ethical pathways, but walking those pathways.

ESOA pursues Ethical Action locally in and around Central Texas, as well as participating in national and international programs.